Glowfish Capital is proud to have worked hard on establishing several successful ventures with teams of exceptionally talented people. We are currently cooking up ventures in the healthcare, high tech and consumer goods space.



The used car market is an awesome place...but avoiding lemons, navigating sketchy negotiations and nailing cumbersome papers work can be hard! With, you can flip everything to your favor with just a flick of a switch.




ServiceMarket is quickly becoming the leading online portal for services within the UAE. It is already the number one site for logistic related services and is currently expanding to other household services and different geographies.




Pink Entropy is a digitally-led marketing agency that is quickly building its reputation for being one of the most creative and results oriented agency in the Middle East. It prides itself on its professional values, its commitment to co-build businesses and its exceptional creative talent.





oladoc is an online platform for finding the right doctor for your needs by specialization, rating or fee near you. It also allows users to order medicines and lab tests conveniently from the comfort of their homes or offices. oladoc - health at your fingertips!