Glowfish Capital is a boutique venture capital firm that invests in and creates early stage (technology driven) companies within the Middle East and Africa. They believe in the 'old' VC model where they are actively involved in the ventures. They provide exceptional talent with funding, expertise and mentoring for ambitious projects that can quickly become real businesses. Glowfish Capital is based out of Dubai. It was founded in 2013 by Wim Torfs and Ali Malik, both McKinsey & Co alumni.

Glowfish prefers to invest in booming industries, in growing economies where opportunities are plenty but real talent is scarce.
— Wim Torfs, Co-Founder


GlowfishLabs is the (Lahore based) subsidiary of  Glowfish Capital that provides product development, software engineering, digital marketing and operations muscle for Glowfish Capital's existing (and future) ventures.